In 2016  
The Year The 'blu turtle' became the 'Official VW Bug ' on Old Route Texas Route 66
Ms Dora Meroney President of old Route 66 Texas
Indian Hill Road. The Mostb Bloodiest  Curve on West Texas  Route 66

The Blu Turtle came to me in 1990.. Amarillo Texas. I was  as driver at Howell Sand & Gravel. The head mechanic Mr Jim Bristow. had this Amazing Wee bug that was sittin out under the tree goin down into the pit. An in conversation found out the guy 'who he thought it was sold too Didnt pan out. So after a few Words We Shook hands on the deal for this vw. I   gave him payment ever week out of my check until had it  paid off . Didnt ask to hear it run .Didnt check it out. BUT the day i got it Paid Off .  I also learned I am the 2nd owner Since 1971  And Under 88.000 original miles !

Mr Jim had  fill the tank up an I drove that puppy Home & the rest They say is History!

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